Customer Project/Programme Manager

Till detta uppdrag söker vi en konsult enligt följande beskrivning:


Roll/nivå:                                   Customer Project/Programme Manager

Ort:                                               Göteborg

Önskat startdatum                   Omgående

Önskat slutdatum                      12 månader

Omfattning (% av heltid)          100%


Kort beskrivning av projektet och arbetsuppgifter:

Unique mastery and recognized expertise on relevant subject matter knowledge including technologies, theories, or techniques. Contributes to the development of innovative principles and ideas. Successfully operates in the most complex disciplines, in which the company must operate to be successful.
Provides highly innovated solutions. Routinely exercises independent judgment in developing methods, techniques and criteria for achieving objectives. Develops strategy and set functional policy and direction. Acts as a functional manager within area of expertise but does not manage other employees as a primary job function. Leads large, cross- division functional teams or projects the affect the organizations long-term goals and objectives. May participate in cross-division, multi-function teams. Provides mentoring and guidance to lower level employees.

1. Manages customer project delivery
o Revenue as detailed in Impact section
o Very large/ complex/ multiple regions or global
o High/ very high risk
o High/very high complexity legal and commercial issues

2. Manages project financials including P&L
o Meets or exceeds SOAR approved budgets
o Provides reliable financial forecasts to HPS management

3. Manages business development
o Identifies and develops new opportunities with client
o Supports early qualification and opportunity assessment for large and complex opportunities
o Acts as opportunity manager for high risk deals

4. Manages client relationships
o Manages complex multi- function and/ or global delivery relationships with senior and executive (“C” level) client management
o Communicates the direct value our capabilities will provide to our business partners and customers

5. Manages project team
o Manages internal as well as external resources with a team size greater than 40 people
o Mentors and encourages skill development of project team members through others
o Provides detail performance review input and development recommendations for key contributors
o Mentors others, providing a role model and support for individual development

Education and Experience Required
First level university degree, Advanced degree preferred; 10 years experience in project management or in like roles/businesses

Knowledge and Skills
o Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of key HP Services’ operational policies, processes and methodologies applicable to project management.
o Has an extensive understanding of critical project management techniques
o Recognized as a leader in the HP S PM Professions community
o PMP Certified

Scope and Impact
o Delivery or opportunity management with major impact on HP Services revenue approximately $8M-30M or transition/transformation for a $100M-500M (Platinum level)
o Impact is evidenced by multiple contributions over time and performance demonstrates sustained level of contribution.

o Works on complex projects where analysis of situations or data require and in-depth evaluation of multiple, complex factors, and significant use of judgment
o Delivers projects affecting multiple client divisions or the enterprise
o Manages a portfolio of projects or a program and supervises other project managers on very large multi-function, multi- vendor projects
o Project may be global
o Manages projects requiring advanced scheduling and coordination techniques to meet client deadlines