Application Transformation Lead

Till detta uppdrag söker vi en konsult enligt följande beskrivning:


Roll/nivå:                                   Application Transformation Lead

Ort:                                               Stockholm

Önskat startdatum                   Omgående

Önskat slutdatum                      12 månader

Omfattning (% av heltid)          100%


Kort beskrivning av projektet och arbetsuppgifter

Overall responsible for the initiation, planning and execution of the Application Transformations. This means the setup of a number of integrated subprojects delivering the Mainframe Source-code Transformation to the MicroFocus Server as well as re-architecture subproject for Mainframe Function environment as well as related Subprojects (Portfolio without any source code.

Essential Skills

Customer facing communication skills,
Enthusiastically leading an Application transformation team located in different time zones.
MicroFocus Transformation Project Management Experience
Leading by giving an example. Step-In when needed.
PMI or komparable certified

Desirable Skills

DXC QA Tool for delivering global excellence (EDGE)